Whiplash Injury

The most common term in personal injury claim is known as 'whiplash' characterized by the symptoms of pains or strain or damage to shoulders, back, neck, stretch of spines and damage to neck's soft tissues suffered as a result of road traffic accident.

It can also affect the discs, nerves, tendons, cause headaches and stiffness to neck. You can also suffer swelling, inflammation, dizziness, burning or prickling in the arm, forceful jerk, balance problem, blurred vision , depression, fatigue, loss of memory other psychological problems, vomiting, sleep disorder or strained head.

The injuries can happen at any time immediately after the accident or later on after some time, may be hours, days, and weeks and so on depending upon the severity of the injury sustained or caused.

However, it is advised that you should visit hospital or your GP immediately after the injuries sustained.