Accident At Work

If you are injured in an accident at your workplace as a result of fault of your employer or colleague, you are entitled to claim for the pain and suffering and injuries you have suffered. Your employer has a legal responsibility to provide you a safe and secure workplace and provide all necessary safety measures and equipment, proper training and supervision in the performance of your job responsibilities. Don't let the fear of losing the job make you reluctant or hesitant to claim your right.

Despite taking care and ensuring all the measures, accidents often happen and your employer is liable to provide you proper legal cover or insurance (Employer’s Liability Insurance) to meet compensation claims from employees and others who have been injured at work, that means the employer’s insurance company will compensate your claim when you win.

It has been noticed that in few cases, because of injury, you may be unable to continue your job or work, and then there are chances that your employer may terminate you. We can assist you for the loss of future income and loss of earning due to that accident. Compensation in these cases is substantial. Just give us a call on free national number or email/fax us, we will contact you soon thereafter.

Accident at Work Advice

The following are guidelines to remember:

  • You should report and record the accident in the accident book as soon as possible after the accident took place. Where you are asked to sign the accident book or any where else, make sure that you have read all the details and summary as described and accurately recorded because it will affect your case later on. Employers of more than 10 employees have responsibility under the law to record all work accidents in their accident book.
  • If your employer has not maintained an accident record book, you must write to him with full description of the work accident and details of injuries received as a result.
  • Make sure that you have not given any written statement to your employer with regard to your accident.
  • Write in details witnesses of the accident.
  • Note that if a similar nature accident happened earlier in your workplace; obtain complete details of it, as it will strengthen your case.
  • You can get additional guidance on accidents at work from the Health and Safety Executive.

Remember that if an employee is off sick due to injuries as a result of accident happened at the workplace; you should reckon the following factors.

  • You have got statutory sick pay payable for up to 28 weeks
  • You can claim for incapacity benefits or other benefits if you are unwell after 6 months of your work related accident injuries.
  • Read carefully your contract of employment once again, if it is not mentioned in it, ask your employer about the status of further leave from the job.

An employer has under the acts of Parliament and European Legislation, to provide all employees:

  1. Safe System
  2. Safe Premises
  3. Competent Staff
  4. Adequate Training with adequate supervision of how to use equipments. And Safe Equipments

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