Road Traffic Accident

If a driver or passenger or pedestrian has suffered personal injury in a road accident as a result of no fault of his/her own- he/she may be able to claim pain and suffering compensation.

ACHTL can assist you and offer a totally free service where no costs are payable at any stage.

The responsible third party�s insurance company pays all fees, if your claim is won. If you lose the claim still you pay nothing because NO WIN NO FEE scheme guarantees you peace of mind.

ACHTL under a special agreement can help you claim in those unfortunate events as well where you have been involved in a road traffic accident with an uninsured driver or with a driver who did not stop after the road traffic accident, and then your claim will fall within the preview of MIB.

Immediately After Road Traffic Accident

Few steps to remember after a car accident:-

Fortunately most of the road accidents that happened do not result in casualties. Below are the suggested points that should be taken under consideration after the accident occurred?

  • Note/obtain/exchange names, addresses, phone numbers, insurance company's details and registration numbers. In case, landline number is not available, then mobile number should be taken as an alternative.
  • Identify the driver of the other vehicle and who the owner of the vehicle is. Who insures the vehicle?
  • Write down the description of each vehicle e.g. year, make, model, colour and head of damages caused.
  • Prepare an exact diagram of location of the accident and record how it occurred, take photos if you have a camera or alternatively use your mobile camera phone.
  • Wrote down name and address and telephone numbers of any witness.
  • Police - it is viewed that normally police don't attend road traffic accidents involving no obvious sign of injury but it is advised to report every accident irrespective of the nature of injury. And you should always involve police where details e.g. personal and insurance company is not being exchanged.
  • Inform your insurance company as soon as possible.

How is A Road Traffic Accident Claim Valued?

Most importantly, financial value of your RTA claim is related to the injuries, how severe they are, along with the length of time taken to heal up and recover or any future long lasting effects on your health. In a road traffic accident, victim should regularly visit the general practitioner or the hospital if symptoms persist and should properly take care of their health. Medical record from the GP or the hospital is integral part of assessment of the claim as it can be used for valuing the claim.

On top of your personal injury claim, you can claim for damages that may include

  • Loss of earnings (Past & Future)
  • Loss of or damage to your vehicle
  • Loss of property
  • Medical expenses
  • Vehicle hire
  • Future Assistance
  • Insurance expenses
  • Prescriptions
  • Reduced employment prospects in the future